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Course 1: Seven US Values

This course covers seven areas of American culture that are of vital importance for international candidates who want to be understood and valued in the United States. Each topic has direct implications for the development of documents (and the preparation for interviews) to access work, study, and immigration visa opportunities.





Student Reviews

"The United States has a complex and challenging culture. Even though I speak English very well and have been in the United States a few times, this course made me see details that I had never imagined. Understanding the beliefs and principles of a country will undoubtedly boost my ability to enter the American labor market with greater confidence."

Isabele de Castro, Ph.D., Salvador, BA, Brazil

"The course is taught in a clear and objective language that shows us what we need to understand about the American Culture to be able to reach our goals, whether these goals are getting accepted into a university or getting a position at a company. This information makes for a much more solid application and increases the likelihood that we will be invited to the position we want."

Jeferson C. M, DMD, Toledo, PR, Brazil

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Professor Júlia Kirst, PhD

Dr. Júlia Kirst is a Brazilian-American cultural anthropologist who has been living between countries and cultures since birth. In the U.S. permanently since 1997, she holds a B.A. from Saint Olaf College, a Master's from Harvard University, and a Doctorate from Brandeis University.

After a long career teaching at American colleges and universities, she turned to independent work with individuals and organizations whose success depends on being understood and valued in the United States. This one-on-one work has yielded exceptional results and its strategies and secrets are now available to anybody who has a dream to fulfill in the United States through the "Your Life in the United States: Strategy & Implementation" Signature Program.